Polymaticast 12 – Miniature wargames

This episode we are joined by Alan Foley, a miniature wargame fan to talk about “the hobby”

Link: The miniatures page http://polymatic.link/3b
Link: Privateer press http://polymatic.link/3c
Link: Flames of war http://polymatic.link/3d
Link: Warlordgames http://polymatic.link/3e
Link: Taccmd http://polymatic.link/3f
Link: Wiki http://polymatic.link/3g
Link: Infinity the game http://polymatic.link/3h

John| Mass Effect Andromeda Launch trailer | http://polymatic.link/33
Alan | Stackable Arduino | http://polymatic.link/3j
John | Ono 3d printer printing | http://polymatic.link/35
Alan |NSFW| Animal Love Triangles | http://polymatic.link/3m
John | Simone Gierts has her own astronaut training program http://polymatic.link/36
Alan |NSFW| Circle of Love | http://polymatic.link/3k
John| Angus from Maker’s muse designed and built a 3d printed RC off road car http://polymatic.link/37
Alan |NSFW?| Deadpool Short | http://polymatic.link/3L
John| J. Viewz – Don’t pull away (401 days) http://polymatic.link/38
John | Smooth MCGroove http://polymatic.link/3t
Alan | Fish Driver | http://polymatic.link/3s
John| Casey Neistat’s Do what you cant http://polymatic.link/39
Alan | Tortilla Pizza | http://polymatic.link/3p
John| Carl Sagan – The Tesseract – 4th dimension made simple http://polymatic.link/3a
Alan | LoRA gateway | http://polymatic.link/3Q
John | Welcome to nightvale http://polymatic.link/3i
Alan | Flip Sticks | http://polymatic.link/3r
Twitter: Alan twitter.com/chaess
Twitter: John twitter.com/webdevvie
For feedback: podcast@polymatic.media
Twitter polymatic: twitter.com/thepolymatic

Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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