Polymaticast #33 The story of Shortner

This week we discuss the origins of Shortner and the new version that just went live.

All mentioned links can be found at

Fun stuff:
John | Martian city builder | http://polymatic.link/ep
Alan | Staxel | http://polymatic.link/eu
John | Zelda BTOW development | https://polymatic.link/f0
Alan | Are you… whaaat? | http://polymatic.link/eq
John | Should you wear a facemask | https://polymatic.link/ez
Alan | Metal on Wax | http://polymatic.link/er
John | Why adding extra silver to refine gold is good | https://polymatic.link/f2
Alan | Nintendo Labo | http://polymatic.link/es
John | Infinite energy generator | https://polymatic.link/f1
Alan | The #1 Shed | http://polymatic.link/et

John |Embee – Suns | http://polymatic.link/eo
Alan | Phoebe Ryan | http://polymatic.link/ev
Alan | Ayokay | http://polymatic.link/ew
Alan | Bea Miller | http://polymatic.link/ex

Book corner
Off to be the wizard

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Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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