Polymaticast 33 The story of Shortner

Polymaticast 33 The story of Shortner

This week we discuss the origins of Shortner and the new version that just went live.

All mentioned links can be found at

Fun stuff:
John | Martian city builder | http://polymatic.link/ep
Alan | Staxel | http://polymatic.link/eu
John | Zelda BTOW development | https://polymatic.link/f0
Alan | Are you… whaaat? | http://polymatic.link/eq
John | Should you wear a facemask | https://polymatic.link/ez
Alan | Metal on Wax | http://polymatic.link/er
John | Why adding extra silver to refine gold is good | https://polymatic.link/f2
Alan | Nintendo Labo | http://polymatic.link/es
John | Infinite energy generator | https://polymatic.link/f1
Alan | The #1 Shed | http://polymatic.link/et

John |Embee – Suns | http://polymatic.link/eo
Alan | Phoebe Ryan | http://polymatic.link/ev
Alan | Ayokay | http://polymatic.link/ew
Alan | Bea Miller | http://polymatic.link/ex

Book corner
Off to be the wizard

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Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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