Polymaticast 41 – Home servers

This week Alan and John discuss silencing a home server and buying the wrong ram.

All links can also be found at https://polymatic.link/show41

john | Ink cartridges are a scam | https://polymatic.link/j5
alan | Building an Enigma Machine | https://polymatic.link/jd
john | Linus Tech tips: sub $50 mic roundup | https://polymatic.link/j6
alan | Making a Burrito is tricky | https://polymatic.link/je
john | Silencing a R210 server | https://polymatic.link/j7
alan | Hello World: The Rise of AI | https://polymatic.link/jf
john | How Star Wars was was saved in the edit | https://polymatic.link/j8
alan | Building a Vortex Tube | https://polymatic.link/jg
john | Gorillaz- Humility | https://polymatic.link/j9
alan | Not-A-Flamethrower Unboxing! | https://polymatic.link/jh
john | Muon detector | https://polymatic.link/jc
alan | Ferrofluid | https://polymatic.link/ji
john | One fear to rule them all | https://polymatic.link/ja
alan | COPY TV | https://polymatic.link/jj
john | Garduino | https://polymatic.link/jb
alan | ISTOP | https://polymatic.link/jk
alan | Casey Abrams | Simple Life | https://polymatic.link/jl
alan | Lauren Aquilina – Kicks | https://polymatic.link/jm
alan | Tessa Violet | Crush | https://polymatic.link/jn
john | Shirobon – Regain control | https://polymatic.link/jo

Twitter: Alan http://twitter.com/chaess
Twitter: John http://twitter.com/webdevvie
For feedback: podcast@polymatic.media
Music by Sahy Uhns . Which you can find at https://polymatic.link/ek
Twitter polymatic: http://twitter.com/thepolymatic
Website http://polymatic.media

Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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