Polymaticast 54 – NAS FTW

This week we talk about the storage for our projects. Mainly why Alan is sticking to a portable drive and John built a cheap NAS

Links for NAS topic:
john | Synology | https://polymatic.link/p6
john | Freenas | https://polymatic.link/p7
john | Qnap | https://polymatic.link/p9
john | Dell EMC | https://polymatic.link/pa
john | Storenator | https://polymatic.link/pb
john | Linus tech tips – Petabyte project | https://polymatic.link/p8

Fun stuff
alan | Past Bing, Future Bing – Failures | https://polymatic.link/pe

john | Kings – Frameworks | https://polymatic.link/pc
alan | Dodie | Montster | https://polymatic.link/pd

john | Dead moon- Peter Clines (writer of 14,the fold, paradox bound) | https://polymatic.link/p5

Music by Sahy Uhns (CC-BY). Which you can find at https://polymatic.link/ek

Twitter: Alan http://twitter.com/chaess  or https://jawns.club/@alan

Twitter: John http://twitter.com/webdevvie or https://mastodon.cloud/@webdevvie

For feedback: podcast@polymatic.media

Twitter polymatic: http://twitter.com/thepolymatic

Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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