Polymaticast 58 – GADGETS!

Alan bought a new camera, John spent more and got a new laptop. We also discuss a car pyromaniac terrorizing the Gouda (NL) area, Dropbox raising pricing , iTunes disappearing, and Factorio!

Main topic links

alan | Sony A6400 review (iJustine) | https://polymatic.link/qd
john | John’s new mac | https://polymatic.link/qb
john | Samsung T5 | https://polymatic.link/qc
john | Factorio | https://polymatic.link/q8
john | Car pyro | https://polymatic.link/q9
john | Dropbox price increase | https://polymatic.link/qa

Fun stuff

john | Spring Herald (Animated Short) by Curie Lu | https://polymatic.link/q1
john | Spring Herald making of | https://polymatic.link/q2
john | CGP-Grey driving across the loneliest road in America | https://polymatic.link/q3
john | CGP Grey complaining about his cupholders | https://polymatic.link/q4
alan | The Bathroom Key | https://polymatic.link/q6
alan | Cold Brew Coffee | https://polymatic.link/q7


john | Fall, or Dodge in Hell – Neal Stephenson | https://polymatic.link/q5

Music by Sahy Uhns (CC-BY). Which you can find at https://polymatic.link/ek
Twitter: Alan http://twitter.com/chaess  or https://jawns.club/@alan
Twitter: John http://twitter.com/webdevvie or https://mastodon.cloud/@webdevvie
For feedback: podcast@polymatic.media
Twitter polymatic: http://twitter.com/thepolymatic

Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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