Polymaticast 81 – Giant novelty scissors

Polymaticast 81 - Giant novelty scissors

This episode Alan muses about his new scissors, John is getting a double 5g upgrade and contemplates getting an EV after an incident with a home improvement store.
He also drives Alan crazy with a new recording device 😀

Links in this episode:

alan | George Hotz – Comma.ai The Future of Autonomy | https://polymatic.link/zj
john | Captain disillusion – Mendeallah Effekt (yes mispelled) | https://polymatic.link/z9
alan | How to debug JavaScript | https://polymatic.link/zk
john | My Thoughts on Reality Shifting – TheOdd1sOut | https://polymatic.link/za
alan | 3D Printed Sheet Metal Forming | https://polymatic.link/zl
john | 1940’s Radio memes? | https://polymatic.link/zb
alan | Your Pet as a Pokemon card | https://polymatic.link/zm
john | Stuff made here vs LPL | https://polymatic.link/zc
john | LPL vs Stuff made here | https://polymatic.link/zd
alan | Boxabl Casita | https://polymatic.link/zn
alan | How to make a movie look like one long shot | https://polymatic.link/zo
john | cows cows cows | https://polymatic.link/ze
alan | Super Smash Kitty | https://polymatic.link/zp
john | Cats on mars | https://polymatic.link/zf
alan | ROLLIN` SAFARI – what if animals were round? | https://polymatic.link/zq
john | Origin of hiphop airhorn | https://polymatic.link/zg
alan | The STRENGTH of 3D prints REMELTED in SALT | https://polymatic.link/zr
john | RLM – army of the dead review | https://polymatic.link/zh
alan | I bought an Exoskeleton to wield Giant Anime Swords | https://polymatic.link/zs
john | CD – flight of the navigator | https://polymatic.link/zi


Twitter: Alan http://twitter.com/chaess  or https://jawns.club/@alan
Twitter: John http://twitter.com/webdevvie or https://mastodon.cloud/@webdevvie
Music by Sahy Uhns . Which you can find at http://polymatic.link/ek
For feedback: podcast@polymatic.media
Twitter polymatic: http://twitter.com/thepolymatic

Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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