Polymaticast 93 – Shopping therapy

Polymaticast 93 - Shopping therapy

This episode we talk something about shopping on amazon prime day and spending too much.


Fun stuff
john | The back rooms |https://polymatic.link/154
alan | second wind |https://polymatic.link/15g
john | Bored ape nazi club |https://polymatic.link/155
alan | bender |https://polymatic.link/15h
john | Linus tech tips about oneplus |https://polymatic.link/156
alan | cool infrastructure |https://polymatic.link/15i
john | KUZKO – Penelope |https://polymatic.link/157
alan | Bella Poarch – Dolls |https://polymatic.link/15j
john | Royksopp – “Past” |https://polymatic.link/158
alan | the walkman |https://polymatic.link/15k
john | Royskopp – Sorry |https://polymatic.link/159
alan | 3 of the hardest |https://polymatic.link/15l
john | Did People Used To Look Older? – VSAUCE IS BACK! |https://polymatic.link/15a
alan | 11 out of 10 |https://polymatic.link/15m
john | ADRmu Battery Module |https://polymatic.link/15b
alan | probably dead |https://polymatic.link/15n
john | please go usb-c on iphone apple |https://polymatic.link/15d
alan | yes please |https://polymatic.link/15o
john | diy cheap vr haptic gloves |https://polymatic.link/15e
alan | …was… |https://polymatic.link/15q
john | nothing phone |https://polymatic.link/15f
alan | yes please, part 2 |https://polymatic.link/15r
john | Dance with the dead |https://polymatic.link/15s
john | |https://polymatic.link/15t
john | goal zero sherpa 100pd |https://polymatic.link/15u
john | Mark robers glitterbom 7.0 be like |https://polymatic.link/15v

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Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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