Polymaticast 95 – September & October

This episode is going to hold you over for the months of September and October. Alan is moving in October so we’re taking a short break.
We talk about John being stressed out about book stuff and Alan about the move 🙂

Fun Stuff:
john | Lego tallneck build – 6 hour build (i expect you to watch all of it Alan 😉 ) |https://polymatic.link/167
alan | Stargate is about to be reactivated |https://polymatic.link/16f
john | Rip and tear until it is done |https://polymatic.link/168
john | rip and tear 😀 |https://polymatic.link/169
alan | Props To History: “Earl Hays Press and the Recurring Newspaper” |https://polymatic.link/16h
john | Dutch music: MEAU & Racoon – Dans M’n Ogen Dicht |https://polymatic.link/16a
alan | Jay Leno’s Electric |https://polymatic.link/16o
john | Royksopp – Profound mysteries I (full album) |https://polymatic.link/16e
alan | Stacey Ryan – Deep End |https://polymatic.link/16j
john | Royksopp – Profound mysteries II (full album) |https://polymatic.link/16d
alan | Suit – Nic D |https://polymatic.link/16k
john | Royksopp – Speed king |https://polymatic.link/16b
alan | dodie – Hot Mess |https://polymatic.link/16l
john | Royksopp – the night |https://polymatic.link/16c
alan | Anna Clendening – I Don’t Even Like You Anymore |https://polymatic.link/16m
Alan| Meg Mashables |https://polymatic.link/16p
john | Skirtzzz |https://polymatic.link/16q

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Twitter: John twitter.com/webdevvie
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Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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