Polymaticast 98 – Peripherally

Polymaticast 98 - Peripherally

This week we were going to talk about peripherals. However it got derailed with catching up 🙂

john | Stream deck plus |https://polymatic.link/17f
john | Cintiq 24 pro |https://polymatic.link/17g
john | Ducky one 2 – pudding |https://polymatic.link/17h
john | Focusrite Scarlett Solo |https://polymatic.link/17i
john | Astro boy lego-like kit |https://polymatic.link/185

Fun stuff

john | Safety third – Vsauce |https://polymatic.link/17j
alan | Owlbert |https://polymatic.link/17w
john | Yearly themes |https://polymatic.link/17k
alan | new toy |https://polymatic.link/17x
john | How Does Aqua Regia Dissolve Gold and Platinum? |https://polymatic.link/17l
alan | cat earth |https://polymatic.link/180
john | Is An Ancient Civilization Sunk Below the Azores? – Rare earth |https://polymatic.link/17m
alan | clamp hook |https://polymatic.link/17z
john | Hunting ghosts with captainsparkles,crumb, kara, basetradetv |https://polymatic.link/17n
alan | second sight II |https://polymatic.link/181
john | Nilered is a smelly boy |https://polymatic.link/17o
alan | stargate dice – part 1 |https://polymatic.link/182
alan | stargate dice – part 2 |https://polymatic.link/183
john | Kamikoto knives |https://polymatic.link/17u
alan | IKEA naming convention |https://polymatic.link/184


john | Cafune – Tek it ( I watch the moon) |https://polymatic.link/17p
john | Cafune – tek it ( accoustic) |https://polymatic.link/17q
john | finnegan tui – once i’m gone |https://polymatic.link/17r
john | Bob core |https://polymatic.link/17t
john | Lemaitre – Day two |https://polymatic.link/17v

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Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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