Polymaticast Episode 25: Ready to deploy

This week we talk about releasing code in two different environments and we sidetrack as usual. *note* there were some gremlins in Alan’s recording machine this week so we had to settle for the version we recorded on John’s side where Alan is on Skype. We will do better next time.

Book corner

Paradox Bound by Peter Clines
Audible: http://polymatic.link/az

Fun stuff

John | 30 Days Timelapse at Sea | http://polymatic.link/ay
Alan | Meet Arnold | http://polymatic.link/b1
John | Chicken on a stick | http://polymatic.link/b8
Alan | Meet Mayuko | http://polymatic.link/b2
John| Microsoft certified tech support scammer | http://polymatic.link/b9
Reply-all podcast : http://polymatic.link/bh
Alan | Edible Geode | http://polymatic.link/b3
John | The Hymn of Axciom -Vienna Teng | http://polymatic.link/ba
Alan | I Needed Color | http://polymatic.link/b5
John | Electric Hamster ball | http://polymatic.link/bb
Alan | Awkward… | http://polymatic.link/b6

Music corner

Alan | William Shatner – Has Been | http://polymatic.link/b0 | Not available for John 😐
Bilbo baggins – Leonard Nimoy | http://polymatic.link/be

Twitter: Alan http://twitter.com/chaess
Twitter: John http://twitter.com/webdevvie
For feedback: podcast@polymatic.media
Twitter polymatic: http://twitter.com/thepolymatic
Website: http://polymatic.media

Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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