Webdevvie.link – Episode 1 – The beginnening

This is the introduction episode of Webdevvie.link. A simple short podcast with come cool stuff I (John Bakker AKA Webdevvie) would like to share. It is bite size.(especially the Jerky) There will probably be talk of tech, Shortner and other projects I’ve been working on in the future. This is also an attempt to get more regular with uploading and sharing stuff. Unless otherwise indicated none of the things I share are sponsored.

The links this week:

All the mods | https://webdevvie.link/3
Twitch installing mods | https://webdevvie.link/a
Webdevvie.com website | https://webdevvie.link/2
Polymaticast discussing scammers | https://webdevvie.link/5
Polymatic.media | https://webdevvie.link/6
Jerky! | https://webdevvie.link/8
Flashforge creator pro | https://webdevvie.link/4
Try out shortner on testo.link | https://webdevvie.link/9
Shortner migration | https://webdevvie.link/b
This week’s music is Snap by Michett | https://webdevvie.link/d
My twitter | https://webdevvie.link/e

Author: John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

John Bakker

Developer by trade , artist by night.

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